About Us

Almost 30 years ago in Southampton England, on a bright Sunday morning, we set out to our local marina for a day on the water. When we arrived, our boat wouldn’t start. The problem only got worse when we found out that the repair shop was closed on Sundays. The day was shot. We figured that there had to be a better way. A way that boat owners can get assistance where and whenever it was needed. To be assured that if there was a problem, you’d be notified before you arrived at the dock.

So we started Boat Fix. Think of Boat Fix as your go-to boat guy who’s always available. Answers your phone call immediately – every time. Is actually checking your boat full time. On watch around the clock, providing a stress free boating experience – including pro-active maintenance, easier boat management and security for your boat when you are not aboard.

Boat Fix is now headquartered in Connecticut, USA and has the only 24/7 service centers in the US and the UK. Using the latest in IoT software, Boat Fix’s technology team continues to develop the best technology to provide you, the boat owner, with unrivalled service.

Time is precious, so get Boat Fix and enjoy more of it on the water. It’s the reason you bought a boat.

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